Employees – Novated Car Lease

How do you benefit from an INSIDE EDGE Novated Car Lease?

Three reasons.

As an employee with an INSIDE EDGE Novated Car Lease, you will benefit from:

Number 1 = Tax Savings 

  • Reduce your PAYG (income) Tax
  • Pay no Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)
  • Save on Goods and Services Tax (GST) on purchase price and running costs

Number 2 = Cost Savings & Car Advice

  • Receive independent car and purchasing advice as to the right car that meets your lifestyle, budget, and aspirational needs
  • Receive the buying power of a fleet buyer on purchase price
  • Receive fleet discounts of fuel, maintenance, and service costs

Number 3 = Convenience

  • An INSIDE EDGE Novated Car Lease is on a “fully-maintained” basis, which means all car costs are taken care of under one payroll deduction for the life of the lease
  • All fuel purchases are managed through a choice of Shell, Caltex or BP fuel cards for easy cost management
  • All servicing and maintenance costs are paid by INSIDE EDGE directly to the service provider, ensuring no overcharging or over-servicing and including all fleet discounts and fleet hourly rates
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