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Leasing partnerships for employers

Most employers strive to be an “employer of choice”. Today, it is a pre-requisite to attracting and retaining the right employees. The ability to provide real benefits to employees can only be measured by the participation of employees in any program. If they are not participating they are not benefiting, therefore the program is not meeting the employee’s expectation. So, how can you ensure your partner with the right novated lease company?

Novated Leases the idea of a Novated Lease Company is not new, they were first developed in the 1980s, and while most people have heard of novated leasing, many companies have introduced novated leasing programs with the wrong provider. As a result, so many people have not taken full advantage of the benefits available.

In contrast, an INSIDE EDGE novated lease company program provides clear and concise information and advice to employees. As a result, they can make an informed decision. This is achieved through a communication partnership that makes information available on the company’s and the employee’s terms.

A successful novated lease program is not only measured by the number of employees participating but the ease with which the program is implemented and managed on a daily basis. An INSIDE EDGE novated lease company program is built with an easy payroll interface, reducing the payroll department’s workload and administration tasks.

Evidencing this, employers partnering with INSIDE EDGE are experiencing rapid increases in employee participation as a result of the meaningful information and real-life examples relevant to each employee’s circumstances.

When an employee has the ability to reduce the amount of tax they pay and increase their take-home salary while driving the car they want, the decision to take a novated lease is simple. When this is as a result of their employment,  it creates a positive reflection on the company they work for.

Information and education is the cornerstone of the INSIDE EDGE Novated Lease company program

  • At INSIDE EDGE, we ensure employees understand Novated leases and their benefits;
  • At INSIDE EDGE, we appoint Account Managers as the company’s point of contact to oversee all activity, program implementation, and reviews, as well as problem resolution.
  • At INSIDE EDGE, we appoint Novated Lease Specialists to look after each employee and department across Australia.