Fleet Management

Reduce your organisation’s Fleet Management costs through our practical Novated Lease solution

While Novated Leases have grown in popularity for employees with little or no business use, they are also a very effective means of reducing an organisation’s Fleet Management cost.

THE Fleet Management challenge for companies is to take back control of their fleet and harness and reduce the ongoing costs. This challenge can be met through a well-structured Novated Lease solution for cars with high business use.

By accepting this challenge with an INSIDE EDGE Novated Lease program, organisations achieve the following objectives:

  • Cost containment and reduction with regards to vehicle capital costs
  • Fixing and controlling fleet management, finance, vehicle running costs
  • Fleet analysis and advice to ensure all cars are the right car and fit for purpose
  • Eliminate redundant vehicles and expensive Fleet Management costs as a results of departing staff
  • Improve employee benefits and discounts available across all manufacturers on all vehicles
  • Enjoy the flexibility to change car structure and policy should your business requirements change
  • Ensure that Human Resources’ responsibilities including staff well-being, engagement, and Workplace Health & Safety matters are understood and delivered

INSIDE EDGE is currently partnering with many Australian companies, and is achieving these objectives.

Many of our clients have in the past used traditional fleet management and operating lease programs provided by large Fleet Management Organisations to provide traditional “company cars”. The implementation of the INSIDE EDGE approach has achieved significant savings and broader benefits for both the company and the employees.

Image of cars for optimised fleet management for novated leasing